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JR- GSM/GPR/IP- PRO Wireless Control Panel

JR- GSM/GPR/IP- PRO Wireless Control Panel

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Product Specifications
  • Features:
    * Wireless control panel : 4/8 zones wireless with keypad bus and all wireless accessories: detectors, water, contacts, etc.
    * GPRS Functions: Capture mode compatible with any control panel operating in the market /Sending of both own and captured events up to 4 IP/ Test IP/ Download IP/ Web server, which allows at the same time visualization the status and remote control of the equipment/Advanced functions with the Control Panels of "Centrum" series./ open protocol KONNEX and EIB.
    * GSM Functions: Events capture from any control panel operating in the market in order to resend them afterwards to the central station or private phones by GSM or SMS/The emergency signal is transmitted through of GSM device, working as a backup line/ Triple security in detection of DTMF line failure.
    * Central Station: Without necessity of keypad installation (wireless keypad is optional). Arming/Disarming is realized by DTMF telephone/Programming by DTMF telephone, Wireless Keypad, JR-eLight local or remote and SMS/4 programmable alarm zones, the first zone can be an electromechanical key/4 open collector outputs, assignable to zones and also to the home automation functions/Optional 8 zones Wireless Module. This equipment operates as a hybrid Control Panel, which is controlled by telephone or wireless keypad/Compatibility with all "Signus" series sensors/Sends own events to central stations by GPRS, GSM and PSTN/Sends events to private telephones voice messages and fully configurable SMS; Sends SMS with the state of the Control panel by missed call.
    Home automation system: Remote control of 4 outputs by SMS/Equipment temperature control by the means of temperature probe/ Programmable outputs Schedule.