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security Camera
security Camera
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Product Specifications
  • PTZ Camera Products feature

    1.intergrated design,compact construction,high reliability

    2.precise motor drive,run smoothly,sensitive response

    3.Adopt perfect function high performance digital DSP to design , stable performance

    4.inside setting data won''t lost when power off

    5.Built-in 4 channels alarm input,1 channel alarm output to make alarm linkage

    6.255 preset point store freely,accuracy locating

    7.adopt RS-485 bus-control

    8.Swirl speed adjust automaticlly according to the zoom multiple of camera shoot aperture, auto focus, auto white banlance

    10.Backlight compensation, could see all things in strong light enviroment

    11.Night-sight , automatic shift CCD illumination density according to change of enviroment light

    12.Built-in OSD screen menu,set and transfer preset point by menu display and changing

    For more details, pls contact our sales directly ,Tks !