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CCTV matrix switch / control system
CCTV matrix switch / control system
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Product Specifications
  • CCTV matrix switch / control system

    Products feature

    Composite menu setting

    Scalable high density instruction,upgrade anytime

    Support hot swapping

    Based on ethernet

    32 groups switch automaticlly,synchrnously

    Timeing arming and disarming.18 alarm modes

    screen display

    Camera title,with national standard first-grade ,second-grade Chinese character font liberary

    / changeable date / time format

    , camera No. monitor No, and their functional mode

    System partition with different keyboard access priority

    Setting control priority for each camera by control keyboard

    Keyboard port expand to Max 1024 alarm signals

    Optional LH50-83DM macro keyboard ,have following functions:

    Support 5000 macroinstruction operation,multiple complicated operation done by one button

    Virtual camera No.

    Support putting macroinstruction with different function in group

    Support composite control of matrix,frame processor, hard Disk Video Recorder,decoder and dome camera

    Support multimedia management sofrware based on Windows

    Data storage when power off

    Time operation:arming ,time disarming,transfering sequence or schynous operation at any time.System will start the operation at that time.

    Definate port:each port could be definated as different type according to different input equipment .Embed network management function:The system could be the center of one system,network control and operate to other mainframe linked on this equipment

    Multi network co-existence: parallel operation between IP linkage,RS422 linkage

    Multi-grade user management:setting different operation priority for each grade user

    Complete,simple,express marco operation:system could download macro setting on PC to control keyboard.

    Computer management:program to mainframe system menu by computer ,upload and download setting content to make mainframe program easier

    Network time:modify and manage the time of equipment located in different place in network.Guarantee the time of any place,any point is consistent which supply technical support for consistency of alarm time

    Humanized design:in order to reduce operators plenty setting operation to the complicated system ,we make use of software terrace to design a simplized setting and operation terrace.We could diacard the comlicated operation and setting and run the equipment easily.

    Pass Ministry of Public Security detecting certification,ISO9000 quality system certification,CE certification.

    Award asquality,honesty,service AAA grade unit and Chinese famous products