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CCTV matrix switch / control system
CCTV matrix switch / control system
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Product Specifications
  • CCTV matrix switch / control system

    Products feature

    6416 Max. 64 channel input,16 channel output

    Composite menu setting

    based on ethernet control

    Setting priority of each camera

    System partition with different keyboard access priority

    32,3232 groups switch automaticlly,synchronously

    /,18Timging alarm arming ,disarming; multiple alarm mode

    Separate monitor switch automaticlly, run positive direction or opposite derection

    screen display

    Camera title,with national standard first-grade ,second-grade Chinese character font liberary

    / changeable date / time formaT, camera No. monitor No, and their functional mode

    2 RS-485 communication port, 1 ethernet mommunication port, 1 RS-422 network port

    4 groups control code output port could connect and control AD MAC front-end equipment

    Camera shoot control timing alarm arming and disarming

    72 camera sence preset

    16 channel alarm input,1 channel alarm output, switch camera linkage, transfer preset point and auxiliary switch

    Control equipments of other brand if deploied with LH40-35X

    Max.64 input alarm signals ,if deploied with LH40-96X

    Data storage when power off

    LH70-50. Optional LH70-50 series multimedia control software

    Classification,multi-grade control among system betweenIP/RS-422 network

    Network program,network control,network time tick

    Pass Ministry of Public Security detecting certification,ISO9000 quality system certification,CE certification.