Product Profile
  • Supplier: Briefcam
  • Region: Israel
  • Updated: 03/25/2009
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Product Specifications
  • BriefCam provides video synopsis technology for rapid browsing and indexing of CCTV footage. Its technology allows for one day of surveillance camera footage to be summarized into as little as a few minutes, enabling the rapid review and indexing of captured video. When used with existing video surveillance solutions, video synopsis facilitates the review of stored images up to 1,000 times faster than is currently achievable.

    The synopsis is made possible by presenting concurrently multiple objects and activities that have occurred at different times. Clicking on any individual object or event in the clip invokes the original unabridged video for targeted review.

    Under preexisting technology, browsing and reviewing of captured video is costly in terms of manpower and time. With affordable video summarization, BriefCam enables the rapid review of captured video to assess reported incidents and occurrences, as well as the discovery of incidents that went noticed before due to the high cost of manual video review. Municipalities, transportation centers, border control, banks, office building management, retailers and nearly anyone using video surveillance can leverage video synopsis to better monitor and safeguard their locations and facilities. With BriefCam, no video is left unwatched and no event is left unexposed.

    Key Features

    • BriefCam’s technology is able to summarize nine hours of video footage into 20 seconds
    • Ability to view footage and manage variables such as time, speed of viewing, and detailed location focus
    • Ability to compare to original video adjacent to synopsis video — identify quickly a suspect person or vehicle, and observe in real time
    • Technology allows server to be integrated with up to eight cameras at any given time
    • Compatible with analytics software