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  • Supplier: NoblePeak Vision
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 03/17/2009
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Product Specifications
  • NoblePeak Vision developed a zero-lux night vision image sensor technology. TriWave technology has the ability to sense the short wave infrared (SWIR) light emitted by the earth’s atmosphere at night. This source of light called “night glow” is at a wavelength that neither our eyes nor standard silicon cameras can sense. Yet it provides perfect conditions for high performance night vision surveillance video. At the heart of TriWave, is a revolutionary germanium enhanced monolithic CMOS image sensor technology, whose high resolution (744 x 576 pixels) and zero blooming design enables the rapid detection and identification of people and objects. Video surveillance cameras that incorporate TriWave-based camera cores can achieve day/night imaging with one camera and no active illumination. TriWave image sensors have a wide spectral response spanning 400 mm to 1650 mm (incorporating visible, near infrared and shortwave infrared wavelengths) in one camera. TriWave camera cores provide c/cs lens mount and has unlimited range subject to optics used. TriWave passive night vision cameras are optimal for commercial security, law enforcement, military and transportation applications. TriWave's wideband is also useful in a number of other applications including machine vision, biometrics and spectroscopy.