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Fujinon D60x12.5 Series Lens
Fujinon D60x12.5 Series Lens
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Product Specifications
  • The Fujinon D60x12.5 series lens is capable of a powerful 60x zoom. It is ideal for surveillance applications such as harbor, railway or airport monitoring, where highly detailed identification of distant objects is required. These lenses are suited for long-range surveillance, such as for seaport security.

    The lens offers F3.8 brightness and 60x zoom, with a focal length of 1,500 mm when used with an extender.

    Its multipower capability enables the lens to connect to existing surveillance systems for zoom operation.

    The compact and lightweight design allows users to set up compact remote surveillance systems.

    The Iris Override function allows for manual iris adjustment. Its iris range is F7.6 to T6000 (equivalent to F6000).

    A motor drive adjusts the zoom lens. The Fujinon D60x12.5 series C-mounted lens includes a metal mount and an ND filter.