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TK-C1430E 1/3" CCD Color Day/Night Camera
TK-C1430E 1/3" CCD Color Day/Night Camera
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Product Specifications
  • The camera features a 1/3" Interline-transfer CCD. Advanced technology delivers totally faithful color reproduction and an excellent S/N ratio of 50 dB. Conventional camera cannot handle scenes that are strongly backlit and so they compromise security by delivering images with vital details lost in either pitch black or dazzling white. With JVC's unique digital signal technology-ExDR solves this problem by extending the camera's dynamic range. The camera utilizes different shuttering techniques to capture different problem areas. For dark areas it uses low-speed shutter and, for bright areas, high-speed.

    With Super LoLux technology, the camera provides 0.45 lux at F 1.2 in color mode while 0.015 lux in black-white mode.