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SPD9100 Series IP High-speed Dome Camera
SPD9100 Series IP High-speed Dome Camera
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Product Specifications
  • IP Specification

    Basic Function

    New next generation intelligence network Camera

    Embedded system and using Web server to configure whole system

    10/100Ethernet and wireless(Optional)

    High performance CCD to keep high quality video streaming

    Keep video streaming directly to network file system

    HTTP,SMB, NFS, DHCP etc.

    Camera and Video Function

    Pure digital, support from QQCIF to D1 format

    MPEG4 video compression, support 1 to 30 FPS and storage video stream in to network file storage

    Support Static and dynamic bit rates for different image quality requirement

    Multiple video streaming for previewing and saving

    Have Motion Detection function

    Advanced Function

    Time segment for different record frame rates

    Support to store pre and pro 5seconds image into the MD record file

    Support SMB,NFS network file protocol to keep the record video file

    Permission right management to protect the system safety

    Support firmware upgrading from network, it makes easy for system setting because of saving and restoring configuration

    Powerful SDK for system integration

    Support POE(Power on Ethernet)

    Support PLC(Power line carries)

    1 alarm in and 1 alarm out (expandable)

    Special Features

    Internal battery for power failure (Optional)

    Embedded USB hard disk. The system will store files into local USB when network failure, and restore files to the network server when network connection comes back (Optional)

    Support wireless function (Optional)

    Support different FPS for previewing and recording

    There can be different event record files with different FPS at the same time

    Integrated management console

    Run under Windows system

    Easily control every Speed Dome through console including Pan, Tilt and Zoom control over IP network

    When MD event happened, the Management Console will receive FOREADY message and blink the video windows to alarm administrator

    Provide local record and snapshot function.

    User will preview at one console up to 100 FOREADY(100M IP network), it also provides video search and replay function

    Support customized viewing layout and support sequence play

    Real time display network video and audio trafic

    Hardware Configuration

    1 ARM cpu, 1 video compression chip , 32 RAM, 4~8M flash memory

    1 alarm in and 1 alarm out interface(expandable)

    1 10/100 Ethernet port,

    Internal USB storage.(Optional)

    Wireless adapter(Optional)

    Internal battery and automatically charging

    and discharging (Optional)Features:

    * Full function multi-language O.S.D.

    *PC RS232 remote modification of ID address making set up easy.

    * 128 presets, 16 cruise group, 8 patterns programmable.

    * Multiple protocol support: Pelco-P, Pelco-D, VCL,FOREADY

    * Timed schedule: call preset, start multi-cruise, auto scan, can be set to a pre-determined time.

    *Motion detection with 7 alarm inputs and 2 outputs.

    *True 90 degree camera module tilt.

    * Our cameras can be installed as low as 6' off ground, able to see a two-story building.

    * Speed control of Pan, tilt, zoom can be set by O.S.D

    *Boasts home position function, time set-up ranges from 1 --- 255 s

    * Choose your favorite camera manufacturer.