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KYP0021 Handheld mobile phone jammer
KYP0021 Handheld mobile phone jammer
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Product Specifications
  • Cell phone jammer/ mobile phone blockers

    Disconnect linkage between cellular handset and cellular base station for all types of cellular systems

    Main features:

    o According to the current mobile system frequency of CDMA, GSM, DCS and PHS used at in abroad, we adopt high-tech to provide shield for mobile signal from them in special area that can not communicate with the station, so as to get to the active shield for use mobile phone

    o Use mobile phone signal jammer at the places more than 200m away from the base station for best performance

    o When switch on, it can work steady for a long time

     Applications:

    Museums, Libraries, Lecture rooms, Prevent students from sms cheating, Theatres, Schools universities, Restaurants, Places of worship, Country clubs, Sporting events, Recording studios, Tv stations, radio stations

    Technical specifications:

    1. Effective shielding range: 10-30meters radius

    2. Isolation bandwidth: CDMA: 869-894MHz

    GSM: 925-960 MHZ





    3. Operation temperature: -40c to +55c

    4. Humidity: 30% to 95%

    5. Power adapter: Input: 100 to 240V AC Output: DC4V time:lasting for4-6 hours