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video fiber optic transceiver
video fiber optic transceiver
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Product Specifications
  • 1.Support point-to-point connection

    2.Digital broadcast transmission without compressing and damaging

    3.No mutual interference of frequency modulation. phase modulation and amplitude modulation

    4.Support video regenerated delay without loss.

    5.Compatible with PAL, SECAM and NTSC video standard

    6.Support any high-resolution video signal

    7.Support simultaneous transmission of video. audio. data. Ethernet telephone signals

    8.Gigabit fiber transmission technology. high capacity. easily upgrade

    9.Provides single mode or multi-modes fiber transmission. Distance0-100 kilometer

    10.Dedicated ASIC design and high speed DSP Technology

    11.Fiber technology of WDM / CWDM / DWDM Advanced adaptable technology and no regulation

    12.Surface Mount Technology