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control keyboard GH-SK102
control keyboard GH-SK102
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Product Specifications
  • 1 Three-dimensional joystick and can adjust zoom rate and speed.

    2 Many hot keys make operation smoothly and convenient. For example: by press the number 1-9 can

    call the preset 1-9.

    3 Image freeze function

    4 Buzz indicate the success of the operation

    5 Iris, focus, white balance can be adjust by keys

    6 High ABS plastic construction, the quality of materials is better

    7 OSD function

    8 Communication distance: 2km

    9 Wide LCD

    10 Main and assist control can be set if several used in the system

    11 Control load: 256/bus

    12 Power supply: DC 9V

    13Communication protocol: build-in multi-protocol, optional