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AV-Precision Super High 35X Day/Night Indoor and Outdoor High Speed Dome Cameras, P-613 and P-813
AV-Precision Super High 35X Day/Night Indoor and Outdoor High Speed Dome Cameras, P-613 and P-813
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Product Specifications
  • AV-Precision Super high 35X Day/Night, INDOOR and OUTDOOR High Speed Dome cameras, models: P613 and P813, are best for all professional video surveillance operations in banks, government utilities, hotels, casinos and hospitals. With built-in 1/4〃 Hitachi Interline transfer CCD, the speed dome cameras support clear pictures with up to 540 TVLines and minimum illumination at 0 Lux (induced IR). Meanwhile, the speed dome cameras will automatically switch to preset position, tour, pattern or auto scan upon alarm triggers. In other words, any intruders or unexpected accidents can be under surveillance effectively. Furthermore, users can choose up to 8 different areas in the video screen and block these selected areas with Dynamic Window Blanking for privacy purpose. Consequently, an efficient and reliable video monitoring on important premises can be guaranteed.

    Besides, the AV-Precision speed dome cameras are fully compatible with AV-Precision DX series Embedded LINUX based MPEG4 network DVR for professional local and remote video monitoring operations through LAN and Internet. Users can monitor the PTZ, record and playback the video simultaneously. Moreover, with the unique feature of 3D Intelligent Positing, user can trace the objects and perform the Tele and Zoom function conveniently on the monitorˇs screen with a USB mouse.

    Other advanced features includes : additional 12X digital zoom, remote firmware upgrade, IP66/67 weather proof casing for indoor/outdoor cameras, 80/128 programmable preset positions, 5 auto scans, 8 auto tours, 5 pattern tour, 7 alarms inputs and 1 channel output, backlight compensations for various kinds of video surveillance.

    AV-Precision MPEG4 network DVR, DX series is using the newly advanced technology of Embedded LINUX operation system and supporting real time transmission and video recording with picture quality up to excellent D1 resolution. Therefore, users can benefit from the comprehensive range of features with the AV-Precision network DVR and speed dome cameras, they also can perform the secure, reliable and non-stop video surveillance on their important premises.