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ioimage ioibox trk10 Intelligent-video-edge-device
ioimage ioibox trk10 Intelligent-video-edge-device
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Product Specifications
  • The trk10, of the ioibox series, is miniature intelligent-video-edge-device with built-in self-sustained video analytics. The trk10 is small enough that it can be installed inside the security camera enclosure and casings of some models. The trk10 ioiboxˇs size makes it ideal for hidden, inconspicuous, or confined space installations. It plugs inline to upgrade a common CCTV security camera (B/W, color, thermal, and infrared) with powerful automated indoor and outdoor detection and autonomous tracking of intruders, suspicious baggage, stopped vehicles, removed items and more. This intelligent-video-edge-device is a DSP-based and delivers hybrid security-system connectivity, converting analog audio and video into MPEG-4 streaming multimedia over IP, as well as simultaneously outputs analog video with graphical overlay features. Designed for simplicity, the trk10 can be installed and configured within minutes via a built-in HTML web server that also provides access and viewing over a network through a standard web browser.