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USB 2.0 Color CMOS Camera
USB 2.0 Color CMOS Camera
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  • The AVSPL-B782U Color USB 2.0 Camera has a rich set of features and capabilities all controllable through software. This camera is an excellent choice for the most demanding of machine vision applications. It includes outputs for external triggering and strobe synchronization. Supported operation systems are Windows 2000 and XP.

    A rolling shutter and external trigger allows for full camera synchronization. In video mode, the camera can deliver up to 27 fps at 1k x 1k resolution, up to 70 fps at VGA resolution (640 x 480) and up to 4230 fps at 24 x 24, all with user-definable region of interest (ROI). Full field-of-view images can be decimated for high-speed transmission. The camera has a user-selectable 8 or 10-bit output. This same camera is also available in a Firewire Version as well as a monochrome option and with lower resolution imagers.

    The CMOS sensor architecture provides excellent anti-blooming capability. With the Software Developerˇs Kit (SDK), AVS supplies an extensive Application Programming Interface (API) and camera control Graphical User Interface (GUI) for fast and easy application development. This functionality includes additional trigger modes, general-purpose outputs that can be used as communication lines for strobe signals for lighting and motion controllers. Included is an on-board user-programmable lookup table (LUT) applied in real time, on-board non-volatile memory for camera configuration and camera configuration descriptors for quick changes to camera settings between frames. Multi-slope dynamic range controls, enables balanced exposure in images with large inner-scene dynamic range.

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