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WV-CP250 Series Compact Surveillance Camera
WV-CP250 Series Compact Surveillance Camera
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Product Specifications
  • The new WV-CP250 Series from Panasonic combines full-featured 24-hour surveillance with hard-to-beat economy.

    The WV-CP250 Series features Day/Night operation that automatically switches the camera from full color operation to the black-and-white mode when illumination levels drop, which makes the unit ideal for 24-hour surveillance applications. Additional performance features include a horizontal resolution of 480 lines in color and 570 lines in black-and-white; 50dB signal to noise ratio; an F1.4 lens (optional) perfect for low light applications; minimum illumination of only 1.0 lux in color, and 0.15 lux in black-and-white; back light compensation (BLC), aperture correction, automatic gain control (AGC), and automatic tracing white balance (ATW). The WV-CP250 Series is the high-performance, cost-efficient choice for a wide range of CCVE applications.