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REG-L1DHC-Imaging License Plate Capture
REG-L1DHC-Imaging License Plate Capture
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Product Specifications
  • * Extreme''s proprietary DHC-Imaging technology for definitive high-contrast license plate capture

    * Precision engineered optics captures plates from vehicles moving up to 100mph (~160kph) for high speed applications

    * Metaphase LEDs deliver powerful infrared illumination for effective license plate capture up to 75ft (23m)

    * Advanced ambient rejection technology solves problems related to glare from sunlight, headlights and high-beams

    * 600TVL 1/2" LXR CCD for excellent performance under infrared

    * 24/7 license plate capture in day or dark conditions

    * Energy efficient operation at 12VDC or 24VAC

    * Small, compact housing with covert, installer-friendly design

    * Suitable for outdoor use in all-weather conditions

    * Long-life LEDs save time and money by eliminating bulb changes

    * High-contrast DHC-Imaging allows optimal DVR integration or Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) performance

    * DHC-Imaging technology delivers images of both conventional plates and Digital License Plates (DLPs)