Product Profile
SATURN 10/SATURN 18 Video Matrix
SATURN 10/SATURN 18 Video Matrix
  • Supplier: asmag
  • Region: Taiwan
  • Updated: 11/20/2006
  • Click Frequency: 4498
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Product Specifications
  • Functional Units:

    *Processor board PB 386

    *Functional units with 256 or 512 cross points

    *Functional units for video text on-screen to the video picture

    *Video - coax in-/output boards

    *Video - twisted pair in-/output

    *Serial Interface/data modules RS 232 / RS 422 / RS 485

    *Input-/output boards

    *The functional units can be slotted into any place of the basic unit.

    *Administration via software MULTISEC

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