Product Profile
GSP GCAM-A60WDR65(35) and GCAM-A60DR65(35) IR Camera
GSP GCAM-A60WDR65(35) and GCAM-A60DR65(35) IR Camera
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Product Specifications
  • GCAM-A60WDR65 (35) and GCAM-A60DR65 (35) are all-in-one cameras with 108 pcs of IR LED and 6 to 50-mm varifocal auto Iris lens.

    The camera includes a WDR feature and specialized HSBLC highlight suppression BLC, which blocks the brightness of specific areas to produce images against strong backlighting. A controllable OSD menu enables users to set white balance, DNR, image stabilizer and sens-up for different situations, to produce optimized pictures. Motion detection and privacy zone masking are supported on the camera, useful for surveillance and privacy protection.

    The housing is made with aluminum and ABS , guaranteeing a long lifespan against UV exposure.