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Wireless antenna for CCTV Surveillance
Wireless antenna for CCTV Surveillance
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    The SmarTRCA series offers a low cost and high performance solution achieving and state of the art connectivity for CCTV cameras and any other analog devices into the market of Safety and Security applications.

    Its optimal design was intended to cut short range, making it Ideon wireless indoor installations, and also, in its IP-65, Outdoor prepared to support a wide range of temperatures and adverse weather conditions, as well as harsh environments

    Thanks to the latest applied technology, it offers a capacity of up to 16 cameras and 32 audio channels as well as the additional option to adapt a remote control system for domes and telemetry.

    SmarTRCA modular conception provides to our customer the easiest and simplest installation activities as well as a valuable budget cost reduction in front of most the projects that requires any wired solution.