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Car Black Box
Car Black Box
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  • Black Boxes are installed on all commercial aircrafts to record crucial performance data for aiding in post-crash investigations. Car Black Box was invented using the same principals to provided valuable data automobile accident analysis.

    Car Black Box is an innovative event recording system, capturing comprehensive vehicle data from triggered events. Car black box is triggered by an advanced process including a multi-axis accelerometer that measures sudden movements such as swerving, sudden braking and shocks. Captured data includes 20 seconds of video footage before the triggered event and 20 seconds after the trigger.

    This incident recording is downloaded into the PC via a Memory Stick, or USB cable, allowing it to be analyzed in detail.


    Size: 58*100*39mm (H*L*W)

    Weight: 85g

    Main Functions:

    Record vehicle data from triggered events (video, speed and location etc) so as to guarantee companies and personnel to free from legal responsibility and help relative departments for its evidence use

    Main Features:

    ■Record accident

    When an incident occurs, caused by sharp breaking, rapid acceleration, excessive cornering or sudden impact, it will save the recorded video of the 20 seconds immediately before and the 20 seconds immediately after the incident.

    ■Advanced video quality

    It provides better video quality by using H.264 video encoding format.

    ■Manual recording

    Driver record any events by pressing manual recording button.

    ■Save driving information data

    It records not only incident recording but also shock and impact data from G-sensor and GPS.

    ■Convenient back up

    The event recording is downloaded into the SIV manager software via a Memory Stick, or USB cable, allowing it to be analyzed in detail.

    ■Event analyzing software

    Event recording can be analyzed in SIV manager (PC software). It also provides useful tools such as capturing, printing and converting to AVI.


    SIV manager also provide product set up tool. Connecting the recorder to PC, user can set up various items as his own preference.

    ■ECO drive indicator

    It evaluates driving and shows its efficiency by LED light color. With this reference, drive improves safety and gets better fuel consumption.

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