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TK-C625E Day/Night PTZ Dome Camera
TK-C625E Day/Night PTZ Dome Camera
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Product Specifications
  • The TK-C623E incorporates high-resolution 1/4-inch interline transfer CCDs with 752 x 582 pixels for quality images. Its super LoLux function allows viewing of video in ambient light as low as 1.8 lux (color) and 0.075 lux (black-white). Day/night switching with IR-cut filter (on-off) allows objects illuminated with infrared wavelengths between 750 nanometers to 880 nanometers to be seen clearly. The IR-cut filter automatically switches between on and off according to level of ambient light. The TK625E features an F.16 lens with 12x optical zoom range (3.8 millimeters to 45.6 millimeters). The camera also features auto patrol where three preset patterns from 100 preset positions available can be set; auto trace allows a 30-second sequence of manual operation memorized and repeated every 30 seconds.