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GSM transformer security alarm systems
GSM transformer security alarm systems
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Product Specifications
  • GSM transformer alarm system

    Using the BenQ M23 GSM module of high-performance, and supporting the tri-band GSM network

    Support the three phase electrical power alarming

    Have the unique function of taking photos and send the pictures (MMS), and will taking photos of the spot automatically and also send pictures (MMS) to the mobile phone

    Have the function of anti-demolition alarming

    When alarming, the alarm system will ring the alarm siren, and send messages and dial out the number to alarming for five mobile phones at the same time

    Have three defense, which can connect the wire detectors

    Different messages to different alarming situation, and the message can edit by that

    Can arm/disarm through send message and remote control the telephone, and can set up a number of parameters

    Can alarm linked with the YL-007 monitoring center

    Have one linkage output ports, and can link with lights and other equipments when alarming

    Have a built-in 7Ah battery backup, which can standby up to ten days without power supply and charge automatically

    Operating voltage: 12V DC

    Static current: ≤150mA

    Alarm current: ≤600mA

    Supports GSM 900/1800/1900MHz, three working modes switched automatically

    Supports PHASE 2/2+ agreement (including data business)

    Sending power: (2W) EGSM900, 1W/GSM1800MHz

    Gable input port: three

    Support power supply: 380V AC (PHASE 3/4), AC 220V (PHASE 2/2+)

    Wireless receiving frequency: 315MHz, ±0.5MHz

    Wireless receiving sensitivity: 315MHz, ±0.5MHz

    Anti-interference: 1V/m (frequency: 20 to 1,000MHz)

    Outer alarm siren volume: 110dB

    Working temperature: -40 to 55°C

    Humidity: ≤90%