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blueCaps Termination System
blueCaps Termination System
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Product Specifications
  • BlueCaps? Termination System can terminate cable sizes from RG59 mini - RG6/RG6 Quad,

    giving you a perfect termination every time helping to alleviate signal problems, as the F-Connector has the pin already in place, so pin contact is at the optimum on every termination giving excellent signal quality every time.

    Other features include the ability to re terminate the connectors enabling you to recycle connectors or just make adjustments in length of the cable without discarding the cap or connector, which will also save money, not to mention the environment.

    Gone are the days of carrying an array of strippers and crimpers for individual cable sizes

    BlueCaps? is a “one size fits all” system that guarantees to save you time and money.

    All BlueCaps? connectors are pure 75 Ohm and are a one piece constructed connector with a superior spring clip configuration to accommodate solid core and braided core coaxial cables of varying sizes with no contact problems.