Product Profile
Scallop Imaging D7 Digital Window
Scallop Imaging D7 Digital Window
  • Supplier: Scallop Imaging
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 06/02/2009
Product Specifications
  • Scallop Imaging's Digital Window D7 security and surveillance camera distributes the imaging task across five uniquely arranged sensors, achieving seven-megapixel resolution throughout a 180-degree field of view, with no fisheye distortion. It creates three simultaneous video streams: the 180-degree situational awareness window at 15 fps, sized for standard PC displays; an instantly repositionable zoom window at full sensor resolution at 15 fps; and a complete seven-megapixel field of view at one fps. D7 video streams can be viewed remotely through Web browsers.

    The D7 camera also features PoE and H.264 compression, as well as traditional M-JPEG. Two-way audio, binaural microphones, a bat ter ybacked real-time clock and an ambient temperature sensor are also included. A single D7 camera can replace several fixed or PTZ cameras, enabling cost savings.

    The D7 addresses a number of issues, including restricted fields of view, optical distortion, and the tradeoff between bandwidth and resolution, which may make it impossible to identify facial features, significant but subtle movements, and other information important for security applications. The D7 is an advance in network cameras, using distributed imaging technology and built-in computational photography power.

    · 180-degree field of view, with no fisheye distortion
    · Seven-megapixel, instantly repositionable zoom window
    · PoE, saving cabling and power costs
    · Small form factor and lightweight (six ounces)
    · Priced substantially lower than comparable PTZ cameras