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  • Unique Features:
    *Solid Dome body machined from 5mm~15mm thick Aluminum alloy or Stainless Steel, true robust design with 4 proofs:
    * Explosion proof
    * Bulletproof
    * Vandalproof
    * Waterproof (IP68) 
    * Flat designed optics window from filmed and toughened glass ( 5mm thick) offers distortion free image and maximum vandal resistant protection for IOP (Integrated Optical Package) camera module 
    * Sealed to IP68, capable of withstanding complete submersion 
    * 360 degrees continuous rotation for both pan and tilt 
    * User adjustable 30 o angle yoke allows the camera to look vertically downwards from pole top APPLICATIONS: SAY ROBO Solid Speed Dome is designed to be resistant to impact from stones, bricks, normal explosion and even short gun bullets, it is ideal for high security and/or hazardous environments applications, such as: Navy, military, nuclear plants, seafronts, harbors, shipping, embassy Police vehicles, armored vehicles, airports, high crime area and so on.

    Other Features:
    * Built-in hi-resolution and big zoom IOP module (See camera SPECS) 
    * Built-in temperature control 
    * On-screen-display programming menu 
    * On-screen-display inside temperature 
    * On-screen-display pan/tilt/zoom position 
    * User definable temperature alert 
    * User definable 8 preset tours 
    * User definable preset frozen 
    * User definable 128 target presets and PTZ learn pattern 
    * User definable auto-scan/random scan 
    * User definable scan speed 
    * User definable power-up action 
    * Toughened glass with antistatic and enhance transparence film 
    * Preset speedPan: 100o/sTilt:120o/s 
    * preset accuracy: +/-0.1 degrees
    * Variable manual pan speed 0.1-100 degrees/s 
    * Variable manual tilt speed 0.1o-120o/s 
    * RS-485 PELCO-P/D 
    * Proportional pan speed 
    * Surge protection & non-volatile memory 
    * IP68/CE/FCC/MA/RoHS compliance 
    * Explosion-proof compliance SPECIFICATION Mechanics 〈 Thickness of die-cast Al alloy or stainless steel body: 5mm ~ 15mm 〈 Thickness of flat designed optics window from filmed and toughened glass: 5mm 〈 Continues working temperature-40oC +60oC 〈 Dimension(L x D x H)216x216x356mm 〈 weight8.5KG Aluminum Alloy Electric specification
    * Input voltage: AC 24V 
    * Input power: 35VA no heater50VAhave heater
    * Heat up and defrost: control by temperature sensor Pan/Tilt specification 
    * Pan/tilt speed: Pan 0.1o-120o/s Tilt: 0.1o-80o/s 
    * Preset speed Pan 120o/s Tilt 80o/s 
    * Scan: Auto/random/preset patrol 
    * Auto scan: 1o-40o/s 
    * Pan rotation: 360o continues 
    * Tilt rotation: 360ocontinues 
    * Preset: 8 preset tours with dwell time 1~99seconds.

    Optional accessories
    Bracket: SAY-ROBO-WM (max bearing 55KG) Power supply: 24VAC/60VA Alarm Interface Unit: 5 N.O inputs, 1 relay output Keyboard controller: SAY-KBD-E/ SAY-KBD-T