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CCTV matrix switch system
CCTV matrix switch system
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Product Specifications
  • 1) Each video with graphics, Chinese, mixed-language title superimposed graphics functions

    2) Matching control module using embedded IP and video server designed, which can through

    3) IP network to the matrix mainframe

    4) Operates and browses video image switching, long-distance and control to visit of cameras and systems

    5) Using high-density 2U slot modular structure to facilitate weave and extend

    6) Keyboard can be set up to monitor, camera authority; system can be set up districts

    7) Matching hot backup mainframe designed to enable more secure stability of the mainframe

    8) Audio / video input and output ports and communications interface with surge protection against lightning and interference on design

    9) The system carry outs multi-level interconnection matrix through RS485

    10) External 32 secondary keyboards and can support over three levels multi-network functions

    11) Carrying the whole Chinese and English menu, functions can be pre-installed on each function of the matrix

    12) After giving an alarm, it can be linked automatically to open up the camera and the light, and to automatic switch prefabricated point image and to start up kinescope

    13) Can initialize either alertness mode as a defence area: timing, manual, frequent array/ withdraw a garrison, inquiry and give an alarm for recording

    14) Output can be expanded to 16 channels video output, input can be expanded to 512 channels video input, input with band's design