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IP video wall controller

IP video wall controller

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  • R & D Ideas

    To IP generation, quite a few partners are looking for a video wall controller/matrix which can make IP PTZ system operation as simple as analog system. Like 1 CAM+1MON by IP keyboard/PTZ controller to switch camera among monitors with the joystick offering precise steering for PTZ.

    That is our Idea to develop the PM70V2 IP matrix: The IP PTZs will operate much like a typical Analog PTZ system with each PTZ being assigned an IP address by the switch and the communication path/language being over IP protocol. The operate needs to control 4 monitors at least via a controller to put a specific camera on a specific monitor. The controller will also need the ability to access and manipulate the PTZ programming menu. The IP matrix must be addressed via IP address either static or DHCP and have an internal web page output.

    Product Feature

    ◆ Support network media data input

    ◆ Support computer keyboard & Mouse direct input, U Flash storage.

    ◆ module design, 8 modular card in one chassis ,1 card can support 2ch HDMI output, one chassis have have 16ch HDMI output

    ◆ It can identify the optimum resolution automatically, or change the output resolution manually. one output support 3840x2160@60Hz.

    ◆ Support 4K, 1080P, 1080I, 720P, D1 video format

    ◆ Support standard H.265, H.264, MPEG4

    ◆ Single module support 4ch 4K or 16ch 1080P or 32ch 720P decoding and play

    ◆ Support video-splitting output, splitting window on one monitor for maximum

    ◆ Support monitor splicing and display, expand with multi-module

    ◆ Support audio input and output, also monitoring, broadcasting and intercom are supported

    ◆ Support OSD, title, time and warning information can overlap on the video

    ◆ Cooperate with branded IPC without stream media server(compatible with Onvif, RTSP protocol)