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Premier Electronics Pharos Rapid Wireless CCTV Deployment System

Premier Electronics Pharos Rapid Wireless CCTV Deployment System

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Product Specifications
  • Pharos is designed with total reliability in mind. The SVC-7835MI integrates a SharpView Micro NVR with Panasonic’s WV-SC385, the total power consumption is the lowest in the industry. SharpView is a solid, reliable and highly secure software platform. Using enterprise grade Linux operating system, it is inherently immune from software attacks and computer viruses.

    Edge Recording Cluster Technology ERC Uniquely, Pharos will record clusters of networked cameras within the built in SharpView Micro NVR, thereby allowing users to create CCTV systems on the edge for a cost effective multi-camera HD CCTV system. Modular in design and scalable, Pharos provides solutions for unlimited number of units that can be deployed in any terrain and location. Integration with video analytics, access control, ?re alarms, PIR, intercoms, GPS tracking and mapping is also easily achieved with SharpView. Pharos can be con?gured using any web browser.The system supports triggered recording, for example motion detection or alarm events with pre-recordings saved at higher quality (resolution and frame rate). Units operate from either 110 / 240VAC or 9-36VDC supplies needing typically 15W of power during normal use. The chassis is made from cast aluminium and rated IP66.

    * Integrated ultra low power SharpView Micro NVR
    * Simultaneously records networked cameras ERC
    * > 90 days recording with 1TB hard disk
    * Powerful 216x optical and digital zoom
    * Evidential quality 1280 x 960 or HD720p video
    * H.264, MPEG4 and MJPEG dual streaming
    * True Day/Night sensor down to 0.06 Lux sensitivity
    * Advanced motion detection with situation alert
    * Tri-band HSUPA 7.2Mbps down**, 5.76Mbps up**
    * 4G/3G and 2G: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 / 2100MHz
    * WiFi integrated 802.11b,g,n up to 150Mbps**
    * Fully monitored; integrated into Alarm Receiving Centres
    * Audio output for PA warnings
    * Integrated with wireless PIR detectors
    * Operates from solar, wind turbine, DC or mains power