Product Profile
Imperx IGV-B0610 Bobcat GigE Vision Camera

Imperx IGV-B0610 Bobcat GigE Vision Camera

  • Supplier: Imperx
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2013/02/22
Product Specifications
  • The IGV-B0610 is an advanced high-speed progressive scan, fully programmable CCD camera designed for imaging applications that require high frame rates, high quality images, and powerful features and flexibility.

    The camera has a small size, light weight, and is built around Kodak′s KAI-0340S Interline transfer CCD image sensor with a 1/3" optical format. IGV-B0610 is available with Ethernet output (GigEVision compliant).

    The B0610 provides an image resolution of 648 x 488 and delivers up to 137 frames per second at full resolution. The camera image processing engine is based on a high-speed, high-density FPGA, featuring programmable resolution, speed, 8 independent AOIs, binning, triggering, exposure control, line and frame time, I/O mapping, external/internal sync, AGC, AEC, Auto Iris, transfer function correction, user LUT, and Defective and Hot Pixel Correction (DPC, HPC).

    * 648/640 x 488/480
    * Mono and color - 8/10/12/14-bit data
    * Normal and over-clock operation (110/137 fps)
    * Ethernet output, GigEVision and GenCam support
    * Analog and digital gain and offset control
    * 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 8x horizontal and vertical binning
    * Eight (8) independent horizontal and vertical AOIs
    * Programmable horizontal and vertical resolution
    * Programmable line time, frame time and speed
    * Automatic gain, exposure and iris control
    * Internal/External exposure control
    * Internal/External H and V sync input/output
    * Left/right digital bit shift
    * Test image with image superimposition