Product Profile
Pixelink PL-H9611A

Pixelink PL-H9611A

  • Supplier: PixeLINK
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2013/02/22
Product Specifications
  • The PL-H9611ACG (color) PL-H9611AMG (mono.) is a 10.7 MP (4008 x 2672 @ 6.1fps) CCD camera for demanding machine vision applications that require the utmost precision. Equipped with Interline-Transfer CCD sensors from Kodak, these cameras are available in monochrome and color versions, with a Gigabit Ethernet interface.

    Correlated Double Sampling (CDS) and 2 x 14 Bit A/D converters guarantee an excellent signal-to-noise ratio and allows the PL-H9611A camera series to provide quick return-on-investment by delivering the best combination of image quality, performance, features and reliability in a compact package.

    * Programmable LUT and FFC(Flat Field Correction)
    * Defect pixel correction
    * Bayer 8, Bayer 16 and YUV422 (Color Version Only)
    * Mono 8 and Mono 16 (Mono Version Only)
    * Auto exposure and auto white balance
    * Binning, Decimation and Averaging
    * Image Flip and Image Rotate
    * AOI (Area of Interest Readout)
    * Saturation, sharpness and Brightness (Color Version Only)
    * Gain
    * Gamma
    * Color temperature
    * Frame Rate control