Product Profile
ISS CitySync Jet-Aludra Intelligent ALPR Camera

ISS CitySync Jet-Aludra Intelligent ALPR Camera

  • Supplier: Image Sensing Systems
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2013/02/06
Product Specifications
  • The new Jet-Aludra Intelligent ALPR is designed to save installation-costs and deployment time, Jet-Aludra covers many applications including traffic management, Police, security and enforcement. Jet-Aludra incorporates an IR ALPR camera, colour overview camera and an on-board processor. This cost effective Intelligent ALPR camera processes images at the time of capture, so smaller packets of information can be transferred via wireless 3G or wired connections to a central server for review or directly to a Police back office facility, matching against hotlists in real-time.

    The new low profile compact shape is lightweight, weighing in at less than 5kg making it compliant for installations using UK Highways Agency approved brackets and mounts. It can be easily installed on existing street furniture for rapid deployment without the expense of additional poles. This is especially useful for temporary and semi-mobile installations.

    Jet-Aludra is the ALPR solution for Police rapid deployment, monitoring and linking to back office databases, traffic JTMS, red routes, box junctions and wrong way detection. Intuitive software and quick set up makes Jet-Aludra easy to install and maintain as well as being ideal for remote temporary deployment for traffic surveys and special event site security.