Product Profile
SecuBest 2M HD SDI WDR Indoor3616 DV Lense Fixed Dome

SecuBest 2M HD SDI WDR Indoor3616 DV Lense Fixed Dome

  • Supplier: SecuBest
  • Region: Korea
  • Updated: 2013/01/22
Product Specifications
  • * Day & Night by ICR- For increased sensitivity of image sensor efficiently, a mechanical actuator can shift infrared (IR) Cut filter to disengaged from image path automatically in the low light environment.
    * Vector Driving-Based on the shortest time and the smallest cost concept, each Pan and Tilt motion is done with simultaneous and harmonious manner by Vector drive technology.
    * Triple codec, Simultaneous Multi Streaming- Triple H/W codec enables to transmit max 5 independent streams with different settings for different requirements. Therefore, it is possible to monitor video remotely using H.264 and transmit to Network Video Recorder as well.
    * Micro-stepping Technology- Due to the Micro-stepping technology, one step angle is divided by 256. Accordingly, high accuracy as well as ultra low sound noise (under 60dB) can be achieved. Micro-stepping technology enables ultra low speed down to 0.05°/s for high zoom operations. Utilizing this technology, pan and tilt motion can be controlled with 1/256 finer step resolution and accordingly lower noise and vibrations.
    * Wide Dynamic Range This feature is effective when shooting images against the sun, or when shooting a very bright object.
    * Auto map & Power PTZ- After installing PTZ, make camera to generate the Scenery The Auto-map is the easiest way to control the PTZ in an intuitive manner.
    * Virtual Joystick on the Image -Virtual Joystick is inspired by real 3-Axis Joystick. You can decide PT direction by right clicking the image and change the zoom in out by scrolling mouse wheel.