Product Profile
Crime Point LowLight/NightVision Cameras

Crime Point LowLight/NightVision Cameras

  • Supplier: Crime Point
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2012/10/25
Product Specifications
  • Crime Point offers an exclusive, new generation extreme low light color camera for color surveillance at levels below standard day/night black & white capabilities. Model RP642C cooled to operate in higher-temperature environments, optimal image sharpness in all lighting conditions, high-sensitivity, ultra low noise < 100u lux; use as primary day/twilight camera. Accessories: lenses, single and dual-mount pan & tilts. Continues to perform in color even in lighting conditions when most "day/night" cameras have switched to black & white mode. Also available in day-operable <50u lux (.00001 lux) b/w model #RP742B.

    * Low-light Cameras
    A variety of black and white cameras and IR solutions are available to augment day-to-dusk capabilities.

    * Night Vision Surveillance Cameras
    Generation III Night Vision Systems: Crime Point is proud to represent the Astrophysics series of modular Generation III Night Vision Systems for SLR's, camcorders, CCTV and pocketscopes. Contact us regarding your specific application and to obtain pricing.