Product Profile
SightLogix Thermal SightSensor Thermal Camera

SightLogix Thermal SightSensor Thermal Camera

  • Supplier: SightLogix
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 07/26/2012
Product Specifications
  • * Multiple digital signal processors (DSP) integrated with the camera imager
    * Precision video analytics determine object location, size, and velocity accurately
    * Contrast Image Enhancement Technology
    * Image processing for 3D Image Stabilization (translation, rotation and zoom)
    * Image processing for accurate detection of small objects in a background of environmental movement (leaves, reflections, wind-blown objects)
    * Long Wavelength Infrared (LWIR) Uncooled Microbolometer
    * Detects objects that violate a site's alarm policies. Specifies the GPS position for up to 64 simultaneous targets.
    * Accurately detects inbound vehicle-sized objects up to 1500 meters (4920 feet) and pedestrian-sized objects at distances up to 620 meters (2035 feet); requires no more than sixteen (16) scene pixels for object detection
    * QuickConfig calibration for non-enterprise and stand-alone applications (option)
    * Real-time target display onto geo-positioned topology map (Enterprise Mode)
    * 10/100 Ethernet with support for satellite, cellular, and full broadband communications; AES 256 bit encryption and SSL protocol
    * Seamless integration with third-party Video Management, Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) and Access Control Systems.
    * Dry-nitrogen pressurized enclosure (NEMA-4X); rugged, multi-contact sealed Mil-C electrical connector