Product Profile
Conway Internal vandal resistant housings IHC4

Conway Internal vandal resistant housings IHC4

  • Supplier: Conway Security Products
  • Region: United Kingdom
  • Updated: 2012/05/24
Product Specifications
  • The IHC4 is a simple and classic camera enclosure for ceiling (and wall) mounting applications.

    The tough steel construction and polycarbonate screen keeps the camera securely protected from attack and the security screw fastening protects the lid from being removed with the correct tool.

    Painted in a white powder-coat finish the IHC4 is suitable for indoor applications such as corridors, stairways, landings as well as railway and underground systems.

    The IHC4 has dual cable entry knock-outs at the rear and on the base. This allows a choice of installation options depending on what surface the camera housing is being mounted on.

    Internally the camera housing has an adaptable cradle that allows the camera to be mounted on its side where the IHC4 is to be mounted on it's side (portrait mounting). This is ideal for corridors where a long angle of view is required but a low ceiling may prevent traditional mounting.

    For applications where the camera is likely to be exposed to moisture or the outside elements the EHC4 is recommended. The similar styling allows installations to be blended aesthetically from the outside to the inside of the building.