Product Profile
FUJIFILM YF360A-2/SA2 360 Degrees Panorama Camera Lenses

FUJIFILM YF360A-2/SA2 360 Degrees Panorama Camera Lenses

  • Supplier: MFNE
  • Region: Japan
  • Updated: 2012/04/16
Product Specifications
  • Fujifilm is proud to present the YF360A-2/SA2 Fujinon lenses. The panomorph lens design enables a full 360-degree blind spot-free view and provides complete coverage of an area to track, detect and analyze an entire scene.

    In combination with ImmerVision Enables software and compatible surveillance camera, the panomorph lens offers a flexible usage of 360-degree immersive view: you are able to navigate inside the image like a digital PTZ and visualize without distortion. Image correction is possible in live mode and playback. The lenses can be used with a wide range of standard 1/3” CS-mount cameras of two-megapixel resolutions down to VGA.

    The panomorph lenses feature a sensor-centering adjustment system to perfectly horizontally and vertically center the 360-degree image on the sensor.

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