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RS485 Data Distributor

RS485 Data Distributor

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  • RS004, RS008, RS016 are serial data distributor and similar to a repeaters, gives serial data back on 4/8/16 outputs at the same time, allowing perfect configurations. The transmission in RS485 and takes places at the same time on all 4/8/16 outputs. The receiving mode of the input can be selected in RS485 or RS232.The application for RS485 Repeater could boost RS485 data to another 1.2km or boost data signal when data signal is too weak.

    Serial data distributor , each port built in individual control and could amplifier data signal up to 1.2km. The input control you could use RS485 for keyboard or RS232 with your computer. It is good for multi data o speed domes application, which give a reliable data signal operation.