Product Profile
TBS 3-D Terminal

TBS 3-D Terminal

  • Supplier: MFNE
  • Region:
  • Updated: 2011/03/17
Product Specifications
  • Key Features:
    - World's first and unique touchless and 3-D fingerprint terminal
    - Works for nearly 100 percent of users, thus avoiding exception handling in most cases
    - Identification — not just verification — for large databases
    - Flexible architecture for easy integration and inexpensive adaptation to customer-specific requirements
    - Improved hygiene for sensitive users or environments

    The TBS 3-D Terminal offers contactless and 3-D identification with the world's most innovative, flexible and secure system.

    TBSGuard 3-D-Terminals are autonomous network-compatible devices for touchless identification at a point of entry. Reference is made at this point to the fingerprints registered via the 3-D-Enroll device. The integrated touch screen offers additional options for user guidance, transmitting company or user-specific information, and individual configuration.

    Visitors can be registered directly at the terminal. The terminals feature various internal interfaces, such as relays, Wiegand and serial ports. They can also be configured for communication with existing door management systems from other manufacturers.

    TBSGuard 3-D-Terminals combined with TBS BioAdmin Software form an independent access control system. However, they can also be easily integrated as a biometric subsystem into an extensive security solution. Various options are available, such as PIN code, card interfaces, liveness detection, camera and microphone, which can be modified to customer specifications if required. The terminals are well protected against misuse through a range of security features.