Product Profile
EVS Antifog Camera

EVS Antifog Camera

  • Supplier: EVS
  • Region:
  • Updated: 2011/03/17
Product Specifications
  • Features:
    - Up to 20x times better contrast,compared to ordinary cameras
    - High sensitivity up to 0.0003 lux
    - Automatic recognition of lens type

    The EVS camera offers visible improvement of surveillance images during difficult weather conditions, such as rain, haze, snow and more.

    The contrast adjustment is necessary not only in difficult weather conditions, but also for more effective detection of low-contrast objects, especially when using long-range lenses. The special design of the camera detects any decrease in contrast and, if necessary, increases it up to 20 times, compared to the usual camera.

    While watching the image at long distances of more than 10 km, there will be haze and light dispersion in long-range lenses. Even during clear days, the contrast at distances more than 10 km decreases for 12 db, as a minimum. To counter contrast, the automatic contrast adjustment gives better image quality at long distances.

    The camera automatically recognizes the type of lens connected to the camera, such as direct drive, video drive or manual iris lenses. There is no need to do any switching — just connect the lens connector and the camera will switch to the type of lens automatically. In case nothing is connected to the iris connector, the camera will switch on the electronic shutter for manual iris lenses.

    The camera enables precise focusing of auto-iris lenses. Switching it on will open the iris of the lens fully and switch on the electronic shutter. This offers precise focusing of the lens in any condition, whether day or night.