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Fujinon YF360A-2/SA2 Panomorph Lens

Fujinon YF360A-2/SA2 Panomorph Lens

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Product Specifications
  • The panomorph design enables a full 360° blind spot free view while using almost the full sensor area. In combination with an ImmerVision Enables software the lens offers the full functionality of a 360° immersive view, both live and playback. The YF360A-2/SA2 can be used with a wide range of standard 1/3” CS-mount cameras of 2 Megapixel resolutions down to VGA.

    The panomorph lenses feature a Sensor Centering Adjustment system to perfectly center horizontally and vertically the 360° image on the sensor. The FY360 is available with auto iris (DC signal) or as an open iris version.