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  • Esrange Space Center improves safety with Axis cameras
    Esrange Space Centre is a rocket range and research centre located above the Arctic Circle in the north of Sweden, near the mining town of Kiruna. It is owned by SSC, a comprehensive space industry active in many fields of space technology and services, and the base launches sounding rockets and hig
    Editor / Provider: Axis Communications | Updated: 2014 / 2 / 25
  • Asia Update: Mintron targets professional niches
    Considered the forefather of Taiwanese video surveillance, Mintron manufactured the first black-and-white and color CCD cameras in the country. The company's core value revolves around strengthening its technology in terms of image quality and reliability. Mintron witnessed the Golden Age of manufac
    Editor / Provider: Mintron | Updated: 2013 / 3 / 19
  • Axis Network Cameras Mounted at European High Mountain Areas
    The Municipality of Livigno is a renowned tourist resort in the center of the Alps which enjoys free zone status. Its strategic position between Italy and Switzerland at an altitude of 1816 meters makes it ideal for vacation and the perfect destination for shopping addicts, who can enjoy the advanta
    Editor / Provider: Axis Communications | Updated: 2011 / 5 / 3
  • Axis Communications Wireless Camera Flies into Atmosphere
    Axis Communications, a provider for the network video market, has set a world record with the highest wireless network. An Axis network camera delivered high-quality images to Earth from 35,000 meters after being sent into the atmosphere by a stratospheric balloon from the Esrange Space Center in th
    Editor / Provider: Axis Communications | Updated: 2010 / 12 / 16
  • IR Cameras Go Green with Energy-Efficient Design
    To see through darkness, IR cameras often require large amounts of energy. To make IR cameras more environmentally friendly, manufacturers are developing energy-efficient designs.
    Editor / Provider: a&s International | Updated: 2010 / 1 / 19
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