Axis Network Cameras Mounted at European High Mountain Areas

Axis Network Cameras Mounted at European High Mountain Areas
The Municipality of Livigno is a renowned tourist resort in the center of the Alps which enjoys free zone status. Its strategic position between Italy and Switzerland at an altitude of 1816 meters makes it ideal for vacation and the perfect destination for shopping addicts, who can enjoy the advantages of the customs-free zone. By virtue of these characteristics, the Municipality of Livigno wanted to equip its territory with a new video surveillance system to meet two requirements; one is to resolve the complex road traffic situation, both at the mountain border post of Passo del Foscagno and in the city center, and the other is to monitor the valley from a high altitude to detect the risk of avalanches and ensure the security of ski slopes.

The municipal administration entrusted the project to Infoproget, a company specializing in the implementation of IT solutions and an Axis partner. For Infoproget, the challenge proved to be a very interesting. It consisted of replacing the existing analog video surveillance system, which did not work effectively, with a new system with guaranteed continuity of operation, very high-resolution images, reliability and scalability over time, in a complex territorial context in the transmission route due to the altitude and weather conditions.

Thanks to the solution offered by Axis Communications, Infoproget was able to implement a video surveillance system with 30 reliable cameras which met the customer's complex requirements.

“In the past, the city of Livigno was equipped with an analog video surveillance system, which is now obsolete. Today, thanks to the new Axis video surveillance system, we can consider ourselves fully satisfied. The high-resolution images have been used several times by the Local Police, for example to understand the dynamics of certain road accidents or to identify delinquents who have vandalized the municipal territory,” said Cristoforo Franzini, Local Police Chief of the Municipality of Livigno.

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