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  • Industry in Flux Remains Hush-Hush About Entry Level
    In a globe-sweeping trend, major security players are providing entry-level, no-frills products or else lowering the prices of previously considered enterprise-level offerings. Whether to target the burgeoning SMB market or to provide more options for existing customers in the subsiding but ongoing
    Editor / Provider: The Editorial Team | Updated: 2009 / 9 / 23
  • The New Beat of Biometrics
    There are mixed opinions about biometrics, despite being a mature technology in many ways. Projects of scope — from retail chains to government programs — have taken the media spotlight. As a result, failure and success stories alike make it difficult for the industry to issue a sound verdict.
    Editor / Provider: a&s International | Updated: 2009 / 9 / 18
  • Flexibility and Openness Pave Ways for Future-Proofing Airports
    To secure important physical assets and the safety of travelers in airports, maintaining smooth operations is crucial. Keeping in mind flexibility for system upgrades and integration with third-party systems when designing an airport's backbone makes a futuristic airport installation.
    Editor / Provider: Submitted by CEM Systems and Honeywell Building Solution | Updated: 2009 / 9 / 8
  • Remote Management of Access Control Creates Opportunities
    In today's challenging business environment, remotely managed access control solutions give forward-thinking installers and integrators much to consider.
    Editor / Provider: Submitted by Honeywell Security | Updated: 2009 / 9 / 1
  • StarVedia Technology: Honing Its Competitive Edge
    The first half of 2009 has seen StarVedia Technology's sales increase by 300 percent, and similar growth is expected for the rest of the year. Such robust performance can be attributed to the company's unrelenting commitment to innovation with a "simple" design.
    Editor / Provider: a&s International | Updated: 2009 / 8 / 20
  • Asia Surviving the Downturn
    The security industry has grown in size and scope over the last few years. Increase in per capita GDP has brought greater wealth which translates to potentially higher rates of crime, theft and other threats, resulting in security companies posting high revenues, profits and steady growth.
    Editor / Provider: Submitted by Frost & Sullivan | Updated: 2009 / 7 / 16
  • Cameras and RFID Produce Better Harvest
    Security technology used in agricultural applications provides opportunities for manufacturers, distributors and system integrators to think outside the box for business prospects.
    Editor / Provider: a&s International | Updated: 2009 / 7 / 6
  • ASSA ABLOY: Ace at Acquisitions Strategy
    Immediately following the merger of Assa and Abloy in 1994, corporate leaders of the new entity set about adopting a three-fold strategy to become the world's preeminent lock provider. Its visible success is why A&S International chose to focus its first Business Talk column on the company's efforts
    Editor / Provider: The Editorial Team | Updated: 2009 / 6 / 24
  • Exploring Commercial Control Rooms
    The world of commercial security monitoring is investigated in this article, and the technology, systems and services used to deliver value for your monitoring dollar are explored.
    Editor / Provider: Submitted by VideoControlRoom | Updated: 2009 / 6 / 17
  • Ensuring Security on Campus
    Universities contain valuable assets that demand security protection. Access control and surveillance monitoring can help optimize campus security.
    Editor / Provider: Submitted by Mobotix, March Netwroks, ADT Korea and IDESCO | Updated: 2009 / 6 / 16 provides weekly and monthly e-Newsletters which include the latest security industry news, vertical solution case studies and product information.

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