8 innovative smart home cameras from Asian manufacturers

8 innovative smart home cameras from Asian manufacturers
Asia is a dynamic region with flourishing industries, and clusters of hardware manufacturers, including home camera makers. When it comes to home surveillance cameras from Asian suppliers, there are not only cube, robot and PTZ cameras that look alike. At smart home, the home cameras made in Asia focus on both functionality and eye-catching ID design. The suppliers try to delight their customers with incremental innovations.
Home security cameras extend the application from video surveillance to home monitoring of loved ones like babies, the elderly or pets. Whether what consumers opt for, it’s all about peace of mind.
We found more and more feature enhancements on the home security cameras. The camera can work as a hub or humiture sensor_not just a camera. They can detect the temperature and humidity changes, sound and VOC, and notify users to take necessary measurements for creating a comfort environment. Robots drive the next wave of smart technology that has been introduced into the home cameras. The robotic camera is movable that can be used to watch for pets or intruders agilely.
Besides hardware enhancement, Asian suppliers try to add value on the cameras and edge out other competitors by adding more innovation and intelligence through software design. Now, the cameras can recognize your voice, gesture and face. Also, they can talk to other connected devices like sensors to provide a smarter home security solution.
Thanks to cloud computing technology, the user now can have live view of multiple cameras from different locations. Moreover, they can manage their cameras like multi-user control via authorization mechanism, or customize preferences.
Here we picked 8 new home surveillance cameras with exceptional and cutting-edge designs from China, Taiwan and Korea.

Highlighted products

StarVedia IC722w/z

IC722w/z is a sailboat-shape HD IP camera that features white casing and sleek form factor. The camera supports 2 megapixel 1080p resolution, up to 30fps at 1920×1080. It enables a wide viewing angle at 130-degree horizontally, suitable for installation at hallways, stairwells or retail store aisles. Users have multiple storage options to save their recorded videos on the microSD card, NAS or Dropbox cloud storage. Also, it’s one of a few home cameras that support time-lapse video recording. It can also work as a 2-in-1 gateway device that can control Z-Wave devices for difference scenes. Users can set rules to automate their home or for disaster prevention when connecting to smoke detectors.

YI Home Camera 2

YI Home Camera 2 is the second-generation camera of YI technology with enhanced hardware and software features, providing easy-to-use experience. The camera boasts excellent video performance with advanced Ambarella S2LM HD IP camera SoC and full HD 1080P Panasonic CMOS sensor. The company adds intelligence on the camera like gesture, human and baby crying detection. The user can send a 10-second video to a remote user’s mobile device by following a simple gesture. Designed with intelligent vision analysis algorithms, the camera can recognize a human figure and filter out non-human objects or activities to reduce false alarm. For parents, they can feel assured by using this camera as a baby monitoring camera. The YI Home Camera 2 can detect the sound of a baby crying and send an alert to the user’s mobile device.

Varram Riley

Appbot Riley can be a great companion for your pets and children. The movable robot camera is equipped with tank belts. Users can remotely control the robot to chase the pets around and play with them. The device can be used as a smart home security camera that records videos and supports two-way audio. The users can check whether their loved pets are fine on their mobile devices via the live videos. With two-way audio, users can talk to their children or parents. The users don't worry about it's out of juice. Riley features automatic charging function that will automatically move towards the docking station within one meter away and dock itself for charging the battery.

Wulian Cylincam

Cylincam is a multi-functional HD camera that features environmental detection of PM2.5, VOC, CO_, noise and humiture. The camera can record videos at 1080P HD resolution and rotate 360 degrees when recording. In addition, the camera provides voice broadcasting and two-way communication. The camera also features IR night vision. Users can feel safe when they are sleeping or away from home.

GKB AetherLink

GKB AetherLink camera has won the Taiwan Excellence 2016 Award. The multi-functional camera can work as a Z-Wave hub that connects up to 232 sensors. The cameras can work with Z-Wave 4-in1 sensor, smoke detector, multi-sound siren and smart plug. Supporting MACRO Rule, the camera let users to create rules for different scenarios. For example, when a door is open, all lights in the house will turn on immediately, and then the camera will take snapshots which will be uploaded to the cloud and notify the users. The users can have free cloud storage space for 1,000 alarm snapshots.

Sumpple S811

Sumpple S811 is designed for baby monitoring that can play a lullaby or music for your babies. Featuring motion and voice detection, the parents will receive alarm messages when there are abnormal movements and sounds detected around the baby. With the humidity and temperature sensors, the parents can make sure the environmental comfort for their babies. The camera can be place on the wall or tabletop, providing easy and flexible installation.


QBee multi-sensor camera is an indoor HD IP camera that can measure movement, humidity, temperature, light and noise. The camera supports 140-degree wide viewing angle and two-way audio, ideal for baby monitoring. The device features Wi-Fi 802.11ac high-speed WLAN data transfer for smooth video streaming. The camera is part of the Askey QBee Connected Home solution.

Foster FC1405P

The ball-shape camera features foldable design and flat base. The camera supports 115-degree wide viewing angle for users to get details of the entire room and 720P high-definition videos. The users can store videos on the Micro SD card or Dropbox cloud storage space. What makes the camera special is the easy setup via its voice guidance and EZlink. Users can finish the setup in three steps quickly and reduce misoperation with the help of the IPC voice guidance.

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