Surveon failover solutions: continuous recording with highest protection

Surveon failover solutions: continuous recording with highest protection
More and more problems such as conflicts and burglaries rely on recorded videos as evidence. Therefore, most applications require a stable surveillance system for continuous video recording. Surveon failover solutions have been deployed in one of the public hospitals in Asia and the server room of an internet service provider (ISP), providing reliable video recording performance to keep things under control.

Cost-effective mutual failover for maximum usage

Distinguished from usual failover mechanisms where the failover NVR can only be used for failover purposes, Surveon offers a unique Peer Mode that supports mutual failover (1-on-1 or multiple to multiple) among NVRs. This failover working model provides the best alternative that allows the system to record continuously for a long time. Without having to set aside spare NVRs or failover licenses, Surveon failover solutions allow the license of a camera to be shared with the failover ones, making it become the best C/P solution for projects with limited budgets.

Saving time with seamless transformation of configuration

Without manual setting, when a protected server fails, the failover server will clone the configuration such as its alarm rule at the same time, and take over its recording work.

Multiple failover options based on project needs

Catering to different vertical applications, Surveon offers a variety of failover solutions by not only offering Peer Mode, but also Dedicated Mode, where the failover NVR shares the same file space as the protected NVR whether it’s working or not. This ensures that the protected NVR’s video will be recorded and saved to the same location once it’s taken over by failover NVR, giving partners many options for their projects.

The Surveon failover solution has kept a public hospital's surveillance intact. The Peer Mode supports mutual failover between two NVRs. When one of NVRs fails, the other NVR will take over the recording and save the failed NVR’s videos to its internal storage. An ISP has adopted the Surveon failover solution as well. The Dedicated Mode makes a failover NVR take over the recording when a protected NVR fails, keeping the server room of the ISP safe.

To find out more details about the public hospital case and the internet service provider case, please contact a Surveon representative here.

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