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Tower 185 relies on SMARTair access control from ASSA ABLOY

Tower 185 relies on SMARTair access control from ASSA ABLOY

SMARTair access control solution for Tower 185, a building in Germany, that has received multiple certifications for its sustainability and innovation from the German Sustainable Building Council (DGN...
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  • Smart thermostat ‘beating heart' of the connected home
    Smart thermostats have become indispensable devices in the smart home, controlling lighting, AC and heating systems based on the environment and the presence of people. Increasingly, smart thermostats are becoming more common and widespread as their benefits are realized by homeowners and service pr...
  • Denmark's Odense-Kommune gets connected with SPC
    The municipality of Odense has a number of buildings under their authority. They needed a security system that would provide remote and instant access to deal with potential alarms from any location, at any time.
  • How data push buildings to further intelligence
    The concept of smart buildings and building automation has become more and more common. Nearly all modern new buildings are equipped with building automation systems that optimize the building's efficiency and energy consumption. Central to these systems are data generated by edge devices that make ...
  • How AI helps make buildings even smarter
    Smart buildings have become a much-discussed topic. Users are now looking for buildings that are smarter, more efficient and more energy-saving. More and more, artificial intelligence can help in this regard.
  • Siemens: lake water for heating and cooling at the Bürgenstock Resort
    A world-class luxury hotel recently opened 1,100 meter above sea level on top of Mount Bürgenberg in the Swiss canton of Nidwalden: the new Bürgenstock Resort. Its goal is to attract guests from all over the world. Switzerland's largest hotel facility is heated and cooled with energy from Lake Lucer...
  • What's driving the building automation market forward?
    Energy management, government initiatives and IoT deployments are three major drivers boosting market growth.
  • Fitness center management company equips Brivo to improve overall operation
    The team needed to increase their operational efficiency so they could maintain their membership base and provide better customer service
  • Capvern Casino protected by Hanwha Techwin
    Capvern Casino, located in the Hautes Pyrénées, is currently equipped with 32 cameras. Casinos are legally required to have a video surveillance system. Recordings must be saved for at least 28 days and available to the gambling enforcement officers during inspections.
  • Mexico City's Domain Tower Building relies on Boon Edam turnstiles to secure access
    Boon Edam announced that the Domain Tower Building, inaugurated in January 2017, recently equipped its main lobby with two Speedlane 300 optical turnstiles and a Winglock 900 access gate to ensure only authorized employees and occupants can enter secure areas in the building.
  • Surveon enhances Polish historic buildings' safety with best C/P surveillance solutions
    Surveon is pleased to announce that the historic buildings of Poland have deployed Surveon’s solutions as their partner for security application, including 155 cameras, three enterprise NVRs, and Surveon Control Center (CMS).