Bosch and Genetec: End-to-end security, day after day Bosch and Genetec: End-to-end security, day after day
Applying deep learning to facial recognition cameras More and more, AI and deep learning algorithms are applied to facial recognition to make it more effective and accurate, especially in less-than-ideal situations. Similarly, with...
Why TCO, ROI matter in security investment Increasingly, total cost of ownership (TCO) and return on investment (ROI) are used to justify spending on IT equipment and systems. When investing in video surveillance, these m...
AWS seeks new partners to provide video analytics Amazon Kinesis Video Streams (KVS) is a video ingestion and storage service that allows users to stream videos to Amazon Web Services (AWS) for analytics, machine learning and ot...
Points to consider when choosing an electric lock The entrance is typically the most important part of a building that needs to be secured. Making sure that the door is properly locked, therefore, is critical. More and more, ele...
Vertical Solutions
Telegraph Works in Greenwich is a landmark project that includes an 18-storey tower, three eight-story buildings, apartment blocks and townhouses....
Asia Corner
Rosehill Security, a global manufacturer of perimeter security solutions, announced a channel partner and distribution agreement for Australasia and Asia with Ezi Security Systems, for the company’s innovative range of hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) and perimeter security produ...
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