How thermal cameras can help in ADAS vision systems While visible cameras are mostly used in ADAS vision systems, they can be complemented by thermal solutions that can recognize and detect better in dark or inclement conditions.
Korean security strategizes to counter Chinese competition a&s recently conducted a series of interviews with Korean companies to gain a better understanding of the security manufacturing landscape in Korea.
Smart city trends in the Asia Pacific region APAC is expected to see the highest investment in smart city technology over the next few years. Here is a look some trends and demands in the region.
What to know about data center security Increasingly, end users are placing a stronger focus on the security of data centers. In this regard, a comprehensive security solution that employs both access control and video...
Indonesia on track to realize digital transformation Both public and private sectors in Indonesia have invested in digital technologies in order to grow their competitiveness. As the government tries to turn the nation into ASEAN's...
Vertical Solutions
Expertise in safety-critical equipment for the rail industry has won significant contracts for Pickersgill-Kaye (Kaye), this time from Nabtesco Corporation, a Japanese firm manufacturing high performance train door operating units for the global market....
Asia Corner
When it comes to winning an airport security project, several factors come into play. According to Stuart Rawling, Director of Segment Marketing at Pelco by Schneider Electric, the qualifications and bid entry requirements can vary country to country, but invariably the requireme...
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