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Key Specifications

Built on Verint expertise from more than 60,000 successful installations, the Nextiva NetDVR II network video recorder helps organizations reduce shrinkage, liability, and fraud and enhance the safety of their facilities and the effectiveness of their operations.

Nextiva NetDVR II provides sophisticated recording of up to 16 analog cameras, capturing high-quality images at up to 300 frames per second. This intelligent DVR features powerful programming capabilities and flexible storage options. Users can set different resolutions, frame rates, and image retention for general surveillance, motion detection, transactions, and alarms, providing a more context-sensitive approach to video surveillance. For example, organizations can schedule recording at a higher resolution when motion is detected in secure areas and set the NetDVR II to retain video of an alarm-triggering event for a longer amount of time than general surveillance footage.

The NetDVR II supports simultaneous serial and IP interfaces to alarm, security, and business systems. Verint’s industry-leading interfaces provide a more complete understanding of the context in which events occur and enable organizations to tailor recording according to the information these systems provide. The NetDVR II also supports many of the primary PTZ cameras used in the marketplace, controllable from the remote client user program.

* Real-time recording of up to 16 analog cameras 
* Industry-leading interfaces to alarm, security, and business systems 
* Programmable video recording and retention 
* Embedded operating system for enhanced security and reliability 
* Four chassis from which to select, with storage up to 4TB
* Video search by date, time/time interval, transaction, number, or event

Verint Nextiva NetDVR II for Commercial Organizations
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